Steve Pennaz is an industry veteran, host of the Sportsman Channel’s and World Fishing Network’s Lake Commandos, and a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Steve was in the Omnia Fishing office this week and we asked him to share his favorite gift ideas for 2018. Read on to see his picks and why he recommends them!

SP: Top pros have found that Spy Baits are a great option when fishing gets tough. Turn to this 3 1/2-inch Duo Realis Spinbait 90 spy bait in clear, calm conditions when bass are ignoring other presentations.

SP: The Choppo is one of the easiest, most productive topwater baits I have ever used. Simply cast it out and reel it in for explosive strikes from bass, pike and even giant muskies!  The Choppo runs true in choppy conditions, too.

3Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Casting Reel – Left Retrieve or Right Retrieve ($99.99)

SP: The Abu Garcia Revo X is a $99.00 baitcaster with a 6.6:1 retrieve ratio that offers superb performance at a great price. If you’re looking for the best deal in quality bait casters…this is it. The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is another great option for someone with a bigger budget who is looking for elevated performance (note: this product doesn’t ship until after Christmas).

4Omnia Gift Card (Price Varies)

SP: Allow the anglers in your life to move quickly when hot bites emerge on their favorite waters. The Omnia Gift card is like that friend that is always there when you need something now!

SP: This new 5-carrier braid from Berkley is the best braid I have ever used. It features a center core that keeps the line round so it handles extremely well and flows off the reel unlike any other braid; to make it better, this line’s abrasion resistance is off-the-charts awesome.


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