MINNEAPOLIS — Omnia Fishing and Seth Feider are pleased to announce today that they have partnered to launch new online tackle retailer OmniaFishing.com. Omnia is the first online tackle retailer to sort products by relevance based on water body characteristics and offer map-based tackle shopping.

Seth Feider, known for sporting one of fishing’s best cookie dusters, is a current Bassmaster Elite Angler sponsored by Rapala, VMC, Simms, Daiwa, and OutKast Tackle. Feider, a Bloomington, MN native, won the 2016 Toyota Angler of the Year Tournament on Lake Mille Lacs in northern Minnesota with boat-loads of smallmouth bass. He has helped launch the custom Feider series technique-specific rods with Daiwa and line of jigs with OutKast Tackle.

Omnia Fishing® recently raised a million-dollar round of funding to create a better online experience for anglers to not only discover, organize, and purchase fishing relevant gear, but most importantly to hit the water more prepared. The company is founded by a group of start-up veterans and fishing industry insiders including Matt Johnson, the former co-founder and CEO of Contour Innovations, another Minnesota-based start-up that created the Insight Genesis platform that was acquired by Lowrance™ in 2014. He is joined by his co-founders Dan Wick, the technical co-founder and former CTO of Red Stamp (acquired by Taylor Corp 2013) and Chris Morgal, who’s held positions at Pure Fishing/Berkley, Northland Tackle, and Navico/Lowrance.

Omnia Fishing CEO Matt Johnson, a longtime angler himself, said, “The way we buy our gear is so intricately connected to our fishing preferences and location that until now no one has been able to build a scalable online solution that provides tackle recommendations by lake.” OmniaFishing.com was born from the premise that anglers rely on data about the changing, complex relationships between water body details, fish species, fishing styles, season and what is working now when selecting the gear that will fill their tackle boxes. “The shift to ecommerce has been slower for fishing than other industries,” said Johnson, “but we think this Shop-By-Lake concept will provide the best shopping experience for fishing tackle.” Online communities based around each lake will act like digital versions of local bait and tackle shops where insider lake knowledge can improve the process of shopping relevant baits.

Omnia Fishing is working with some of fishing’s top brands to offer a new way for anglers to shop online by map. Using a custom algorithm that matches products to species, styles, and lake characteristics, anglers see products that match the conditions of the lakes they fish and the techniques they use to fish them. Seth has been closely connected to product selection planning and algorithm development to make sure the correct colors and products show up based on user preferences and lake clarity values. Once presented with relevant products, anglers can purchase or reject the Omnia suggestions. Patterns of purchase and rejection will influence future product listings by lake as the algorithm gets smarter. In addition, expert lists by season, lake feature, clarity level, and species will be available by lake.

Novice anglers can take advantage of seeing only relevant products for the lakes and species they fish narrowed down by color to avoid being overwhelmed by long rows of tackle options. Expert anglers will receive a custom shopping experience and be able to indicate products that are working in real time and receive a share of the sales of those products through an upcoming “hot bait” feature.

Although live and in Beta now, at Spring launch Omnia will carry approximately 5,000 individual products and will ship directly from its Minneapolis-based warehouse. The hyper-personalized experience and organization are free to use for all anglers, but Omnia also offers an Amazon Prime™-like Premium Membership, with no-minimum free shipping, exclusive deals, and, most importantly, an annual account credit of 10% for all purchases from that year. Lake data for Midwest and Great Lakes states will be live in the Spring with an expansion South throughout the year.

Early access sign-up is available now at OmniaFishing.com and anglers can request activation for lakes that aren’t currently live by clicking the activation button on their favorite lake’s page.


Matt Johnson, CEO
p: 715-864-9347
e: matt@omniafishing.com

Parker Mullins, Marketing Manager
e: parker@omniafishing.com


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