Great Ice Fishing Lures + Products for 2018


Glenn Walker shares great new products for ice fishing in 2018 from Kenders Outdoors, Tundra tackle, and Lure Lock.

Tungsten is more dense than other metals (making for a jig that gets down to the fish faster) and more sensitive (allowing you to feel lighter bites). These Kenders jigs feature a sturdy #2 Hook, 1/16 oz Tungsten Glow White head, and Kenders’ premium tie, meaning they’ll take a beating and keep on fishing.

These Tundra Tackle spoons feature a battery-powered LED light (battery lasts up to 5 years) that automatically activates when submerged in water and turns off when removed from the water. Add in a great flutter and tumble action, and they outperform any glow lure on the market.

The ElasTak gel liners in these boxes will keep your tackle locked in place. That means less wear and tear, sharper hooks, most importantly you won’t send your gear flying down the hole in case of an accident. 


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